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Mili Rosales

That’s me!! I’m originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela but now I’ve been living in the US for more than 18 years. That doesn’t mean I’m any less Venezuelan, believe me, I still eat all the Arepas and Tequeños I can, listen to Gaitas in December and drink Ponche Crema. Now I’m hungry! 

I’m a producer currently living in Los Angeles but my other passion is traveling and that’s why I decided to create this blog. When I started it back in 2014 I thought the best way was to write about my experiences but with the evolution of technology and social media in the last few years, I've seen that people are more willing to see visuals than to read, thats why I'm now integrating my blog with my blog's Instagram account, to share tips through photos and videos. Also, I'm not too fond of writing either.


I like to share my experiences when I travel, with anyone out there looking for places to visit in different cities and the recommendations from someone who has already been to those places, and that is why Miladventures exists.

My goal is to share with you as much as I can of what I love and what I think you should avoid, from each place I have visited in my previous travels and any place I visit in the future. I tend to forget the bad stuff very easily, so you will most likely find that my posts are geared towards the good stuff!

I LOVE food so you will find many posts about yummy food and great restaurants that I have had the fortune of eating at.

Welcome to my adventures and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting!

(Yes I love to use the !)  🙂


*Leeme en español aquí.

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