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Where to Eat in Sydney!

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

One of my favorite cities in the world! Here are some tips on Where to Eat in Sydney! I love food... and I love Sydney!

This city is heaven for foodies like me and I've compiled a list of places where I had the pleasure of eating while in Sydney :)

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Bondi Beach

We went twice to eat at a place called Fishmongers it was previously in Hall Street but is now located in Campbell Parade. Best fish and chips we have had in our lives! Went there the very first day and fell in love with it, but wanted to try other places as well, but the day before we had to leave, we went back to have fish and chips again. If you are in Bondi, do yourself a favor and visit this place. The fish is so fresh and the flavor is just yummy.

Fish & Chips from Fishmongers

Right in front of that place (in Hall Street), there was a gelateria where we saw a lot of people the first day, but we didn’t know what it was because it didn’t have big signs or anything, and after we tried pretty much all the gelaterias around the areas we visited, 2 days before we had to leave, we decided to check out what that was and found out it was the famous Gelato Messina so we had to try it and it was awesome gelato! Apparently one of the best in Sydney and I think they are right. We had that gelato twice in two days!

Gelato Messina!

Gelato Messina!

We also decided to spend the last two days of the trip at Bondi and had the pleasure and luck of eating at an amazing restaurant called MAD Pizza & Bar. It was packed when we arrived and we understood why once we tried their pizzas. All the ingredients were fresh, I ordered the Hawaiian pizza and my husband ordered the Pepperoni pizza and both were delicious but the real highlight was the garlic bread with lemon OMG! You gotta try it!

Awesome Pizzas and Garlic Bread

Also had lunch at a place called Le Paris-Go CAFE and the coffee was really good as well as the nachos I ordered. They have wifi and you can go with your laptop if you want and spend the day there. We also went to a place called Harry’s Cafe de Wheels where we had the famous Australian meat pies!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels!

Famous Australian Meat Pies with Mashed Potatoes

The only place I would advice to stay away from, especially if you are from anywhere in the American continent, is the restaurant called Beach Burrito. The only thing we liked in this place was the chips, because even the salsa was bad (it tasted like ketchup). I am an eternal lover of Margaritas and I’ve had quite some in different places around the world and the frozen margarita I had here was just awful. I don’t even know how to describe it other than awful. The tacos were ok, but I wouldn’t go there again.

Overall we LOVED Bondi and spend a good chunk of our days there! And we would definitely go back as soon as we land in Sydney again!


Rose Bay

We decided to have lunch at a place called Ministry of Coffee. Very nice coffee, great natural orange juice and the food was yummy! The ambiance is what I liked the most because is an indoor space but the windows are huge so you feel like you are eating outside. They also have some chairs and couches were people sit to read the newspapers and have their cup of coffee, kids play around and they have a small library where you can grab a book from and just read. The climate that day was great and breezy.

My Coffee at the Ministry of Coffee

Natural Orange Juice at the Ministry of Coffee


Midnight at the Oasis

This was the New Years party we went to. A hundred percent worth the money and an awesome experience!

First of all, the party takes place at the Royal Botanic Garden, which is a plus because the park is beautiful. As I mentioned before, each ticket costs AU$399 for December 31st 2015, but the cost is completely worth it because it includes an entrée box on arrival, which had a salad with prosciutto, a very yummy piece of bread, a frittata, some cheese and crackers and a dressing, everything delicious. It also includes your dinner and dessert, which you will queue in a line to get, but don’t worry because the event is very well organized and they have specific time slots for each table to go queue. You also have reserved seating so you don’t have to worry about being the first one to arrive at the party. In fact, the only long line we did was the one to enter the event, because you have to go through several security check points but the ambiance and the spirit of everyone attending was awesome so the line wasn’t bad at all.

Our Entrée Box and Champaign

Entrée Box

They also have several bars, drinks are not included, but are not that expensive either and my husband and I bought an ice bucket with a champagne bottle and two water bottles and it was enough for the whole night. For dinner we had a salad, a pretty good steak and purée that was really good but I don’t remember what it was made of. For dessert we picked the ice cream cone, yummy! They also have vegetarian options and you can choose what you want to have for dinner.


Watsons Bay & Manly Beach

We went to Watsons Bay the second day of 2016. We decided to walk there and had the pleasure of encountering a small café called Ningaloo Deli Café and we had a delicious breakfast and an awesome flat white (a type of coffee in Australia).

Our breakfast at Ningaloo Deli Café

After taking the ferry to Manly Wharf, we decided to go to a really good place I had heard of called 4 Pines Brewing Company, where they brewed their own beer in-house and they also had really great food, so we decided to look for it and try it. Great decision! When we arrived the place was packed, but we still found a nice table. The beer was really good and my husband ordered the fish & chips and I ordered the meat pie, two staples of the Australian food, and both were really good! The ambiance of the place was great and the bathroom sign was very funny.

Yummy Beer and Food

Welcome Sign at 4 Pines Brewing Company

Funny Bathroom Sign =D

After walking through Manly, we went back to the Manly Wharf to take the ferry and my husband had a gelato and I had a chocolate soufflé at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar that was there and it was yummy.

Chocolate Soufflé at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar


Circular Quay, The Rocks and Darling Harbour

One of the places I liked the most around The Rocks area was the Blu Bar on 36, which is the famous bar that’s at the top of the Shangri-La Hotel, on the 36th floor and has killer views of Sydney. My husband and I ventured there one of the nights we hadn’t planned anything and it was the best decision. The atmosphere is very nice and the cocktails are amazing! I ordered the Margarita and my husband ordered a cocktail with rum, and both were amazing although not cheap, but is worth the price because the views and experience are incredible. And if you get hungry, you can go to the restaurant right next to it called Altitude Restaurant, which is not cheap either but the restaurant actually has a better view since you can see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We didn’t try the restaurant but I bet is delicious.

Our Drinks at the Blu Bar on 36

We also visited The Australian Heritage Hotel restaurant, where we had Emu and Kangaroo Pizza. It was quite good and is such a different type of pizza than what we are used to. Is an experience that I recommend! Pair that with an Australian Beer and you are gold! We also tried a fast food place called Pie Face, where they sell Meat Pies to go, is very cheap and is very good! Is a chain that you can find everywhere in the city.

Kangaroo and Emu Pizza

Pies at Pie Face, every face means is a different flavor

For dessert, we headed over to La Renaissance Patisserie & Café and I had the most amazing Milhojas I’ve ever had. OMG! The coffee is really good too and actually everything looked good. I would have loved to try everything but the sugar is too much! So if you are in The Rocks, don’t forget to visit this place, they have patio seating and is small inside, but Oh So Good!

Milhojas at Le Renaissance Patisserie & Café!

After walking through Darling Harbour we were ready for more dessert and I couldn’t pass the occasion of visiting the Lindt Chocolate Café where I had the hot chocolate, which was amazing because you get to prepare it yourself as you can see on one of my photos and it was delicious, and my husband had the ice cream, which was amazing as well. I love the Lindt Chocolates so this was like a dream come true to be able to visit this café, and the good news is that this is not the only Lindt Chocolate Café in Sydney, there are many more so just look for one and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

How the hot chocolate comes at the Lindt Chocolate Café

And this is how I put it together

Ice cream at the Lindt Chocolate Café

Also, there was a great gelato place very close to the Opera House called Gelato Tesoro in case you want to get some dessert after dinner or a show.

I hope you get to visit and try any of these yummy places in the near future!

Thanks for reading and G’Day Mate!

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